List of contributions:


     Adams Mark:      Tests of the Standard Model (35'+10')
     Alberico Wanda: Meson correlation functions in a QCD plasma (35'+10')
     Bakulev A.P.:      Improved Gaussian model of QCD vacuum and its consequences for the pion distribution amplitude and form factors (35'+10')
     Behler M.:           New results on Hyperons from NA48 (35'+10')
     Bogolyubov P.N. : 40 years of colour and of the Bogolyubov ITP (35'+10')

     Bravina L.:           Equilibration of matter near QCD critical point (25'+5')

     Bychkov Maxim: A survey of the rare pion and muon decays (30'+5')
     Clement Heinz :  Experiments and Thoughts about Roper  Resonance and sigma (30'+5')
     Dakhno L.N. :     Quark--antiquark states and their radiative transitions in terms of the spectral integral  equation: bottomonia, charmonia, light-quark states (20'+5')
     Gorenstein M.I.:   Fluctuations in A+A Collisions (35'+10')

     Begun V.V., Gorenstein M.I, Mogivevsky O.A.: Quasi-particle approach to gluon plasma equation of state (15'+5')

     Faddeev L.D.:     Infrared variables for the Yang-Mills field (40'+10')
     Fadin V.S.:           Small x processes in perturbative QCD (35'+10')
     Giokaris Nikos :  1) Latest CDF results on top quark physics (35'+10')
                                 2) Standard Model Higgs Searches with ATLAS (35'+10')
     Gollub Nils :        QCD jets at the Tevatron (35'+10')
     Goudzovski E.     High precision study of charge asymmetry in K-->3pi decays by NA48/2 at  CERN SPS (35'+10')
     Ishida M.:             Proposing a new constraint for predictions of pp,  pbar p total cross sections and rho ratio at LHC (25'+5')
     Jenkovszky L.L.  A deeply virtual Compton scattering amplitude (20'+5')
     Kaidalov A.B. :  Some problems of diffraction at high energies (35'+10')
     Kartal Sehban :   ACORDE and Cosmic Rays Physics at LHC (25'+5')
     Khelashvili A.A.: Dynamical Symmetries in the Dirac Equation (25'+5')
     Kirby Mike:         B_S Mixing Measurements at the Tevatron (35'+10')
     Kiselev O.:          Studies on exotic nuclei by proton-induced direct reactions using external and internal targets (35'+10')
Kose Umut       CHORUS pentaquark search results (35'+10')
     Lipatov L.N.:    Pomeron and Graviton from the point of view of the LL> AdS/CFT correspondence (35'+10')
     Loginov A.:       Search for anomalous production of events with high energy leptons or photons (lg+X search) at CDF  (25'+5')
     Magas V.K.:     Critical review of deeply bound kaonic nuclear states (20'+5')
     Matveev V.A. and Tavkhelidze A.N.The quantum number of Color, colored quarks and QCD (dedicated to the 40-th anniversary of the discovery of the quantum number of color) (35'+10')

     Nikitin V.A. :   Study of diffraction processes at LHC with TOTEM setup (35'+10')
     Pagliarone C.:  Double Flavor Violations and top quark decays (40'+10')
     Pepe M.:         Highlights on rare kaon decays from NA48 (40'+10')
     Piacentino Giovanni M.: CKM suppressed top decays at ILC (30'+5')
     Pugatch V.:     Measurements of the CP - violation in high-energy physics experiments (20'+5')
     Radhakrishnan C. : The upper limit for the energy of the photon and its consequences (20'+5')
     Rusakovich N.A. :  ATLAS Status and Commissioning (35'+10')
     Sabry Afaf Ahmed:    Quantisation of Gravitation Two Body Problem (15'+5')
     Shirkov D.V.:           Quasi-Perturbative QCD at low energy (35'+10')
     Shreyber Irina:         Searches for Physics Beyond the Standard Model  at the Tevatron (30'+5')
     Signorelli Giovanni: The megexperiment P S I : search for... (35'+10')
     Skorodko T.:            Two-Pion Production in Nucleon-Nucleon Collisions (20'+5')
     Slavnov A.A.:          Higgs mechanism as a collective effect due to extra dimension (40'+10')
     Terazawa H.:          New forms of matter and space-time (30'+5')
     Yang Shin Nan:      The Electromagnetic N -> Delta(1232) transition (35'+10')