(experiment, phenomenology, theory)

Yalta, Crimea, Ukraine,
September 27 - October 4, 2008

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna)

Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Crimean scenery

International Programme Committee:

M.Arneodo (Torino),  L.P.Csernai (Bergen),  R.Fiore (Calabria),  K.Goulianos (New York), V.G. Kadyshevski (Dubna), R. Lednicky (Dubna),  L.N. Lipatov (St. Petersburg),  B.Loehr (DESY), A.Papa ( Calabria),  E.Predazzi (Torino),  D.V. Shirkov (Dubna),  A.N. Sisakian (Dubna),  A.A. Slavnov (Moscow),  A.N. Tavkhelidze (Moscow),  H.Terazawa (Tokyo), A.G. Zagorodny (Kiev).

Subject & Program:

         Lectures and invited talks, 35 - 40 minutes each plus 10 minutes for discussions, will be held during the morning sessions. Original, short contributions, 15 - 25 minutes and 5 minutes for discussions, will be held during the evening sessions. Free time for discussions and leisure/excursions will be provided in the afternoon. Standard projection facilities (viewgraph and beamer with a computer)  will be provided.

Site & Fees

         The Conference will be held  in the comfortable  hotel (sanatorium) "Kurpaty" (sleeping rooms with individual bedrooms, refrigerator etc.), close to the beach (see also) ,  on Crimea's southern coast, 6 km away from downtown Yalta. Address: Alupkinskoye Chaussee, 12, Yalta 98659, Ukraine. Tel:(380654) 247424, 247425, 247426. Internet connection will be available. Food will be served in a restaurant at the hotel, where bars, gym, sauna, billiard and other facilities will be available as well.

Climate & Leisure:

      The climate in the area is typically Mediterranean. Sportswears and touristic equipment (for swimming, mountaineering, lawn tennis, etc.) are recommended.  Post-conference tours, e.g., to  Odessa, Sevastopol (Sebastopolis), Hersones (ancient Greek polis), Bakhchisarai (ancient Tartar capital), Sudak (Genoa fortress),  Novy Svet and other touristic sights may be organized by individual request.

Organizing Committee

P.N. Bogolyubov, L.L. Jenkovszky, V.K,. Magas, N.A. Rusakovich, Z.I. Vakhnenko