List of contributions

Azizi, Karem: Mass and Magnetic Moments of Heavy Flavored Baryons in QCD

Below, Konstantin, On the first ANITA flight

Bondarenko,M.: Generation of Polarization in Hadron Quark-Exchange Reactions in the Regge Domain

Bucci, Francesca: pi-pi scattering lengths from Ke4 and K3pi decays at NA48/2

Buschhorn, Gerd: The new H1 results for FL (just presented at ICHEP) and an update of the proton pdfs (combined H1 and ZEUS)

Carrettoni,  Marco Results of CUORICINO and the Perspectives of CUORE

Chukanov,  Artem: OPERA experiment: status report

Corcella, Gennaro: Heavy-quark fragmentation with an  effective strong coupling

Dvoeglazov, Valeriy: Lorentz-covariant theories of higher spin fields

Frlez, Emil: Precise Measurement of the \(\pi^+\to e^+\nu\) Branching Ratio

Gavrin, Vladimir: Staatus and future plans of SAGE

Jenkovszky, L.L.: TBA

Keane, Declan: Heavy-Ion Excitation Functions at Brookhaven: from AGS to RHIC

Larin, Ilys: Results from the PrimEx Experiment: A Precision Measurement of the pi0 Lifetime

Khramov: E.: ATLAS first results

Klapdor-Kleingrothaus H.V: The first evidence for total lepton number violation – discovery of neutrinoless double beta decay – and the next steps

Krivosheina Irina: Dreams and reality of using naked Ge detectors in liquid nytrogen – status of genius - TF

Lindner Rolf: LHCb status: Installation, commissioning and prospects of early physics

Myagkov A.: Status of the Atlas experiment

Papa, Angela: The ME4 Experiment: search for \(\mu^+\to e^+ \gamma\) decay

Pimenta, Mario: AUGER recent results

Pinfold, James: MoEDAL Experiment at the LHC

Ruggiero, Giuseppe: ChiPT tests and radiative kaon decays

Shaykhiev, Artur: Update from E949: new results for \(K^+ \to \pi^+ \nu\nu\) at low \(\pi^+\) momentum

Vysotski V.I.  1) Neutrinization and protonization of nuclei in .the superdense electron-nuclear substance and ...2)  Investigation of hypothetical light magnetic monopoles...

Zeitnitz, Christian::  Detector Upgrade Activities

Zinchenko, Andrei : Ke2/kmu2 and LFV tests