(experiment, phenomenology, theory)

Alushta, Crimea, Ukraine,
September 23 - 29, 2013

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna)

Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Institute for Nuclear Research, RAS (Moscow)

Steklov Institute of Mathematics, RAS (Moscow)

Crimean scenery

Advisory Committee:

L.D. Faddeev (St. Petersburg), Alvaro Ferraz (IIP, Natal), Roberto Fiore (Calabria), Konstantin Goulianos (New York), Richard Lednický (Dubna), L.N. Lipatov (St. Petersburg), V.K. Magas (Barcelona), V.A. Matveev (Moscow & Dubna), Christina Mesropian (New York), A.G. Olshevski (Dubna), Risto Orava (Helsinki), Angelo Pagano (Catania), Alessandro Papa (Calabria), Christophe Royon (Saclay), V.A. Rubakov (Moscow), N.A. Rusakovich (Dubna), Rainer Schicker (Heidelberg), Yu.V. Shtanov (Kiev), A.A. Slavnov (Moscow), A.G. Zagorodny (Kiev)

Subject & Program:

The Conference will be held in the compact and comfortable hotel complex "Dubna" in Alushta, on Crimea's southern coast. Unless requested otherwise, the Organizing Committee will take care of the hotel and meals reservation for all participants. Lectures and invited talks, ~25 minutes each, plus 5 minutes for discussion, will be held during the morning sessions. Original, shorter contributions will be delivered mainly during the afternoon/evening sessions. In view of the multidisciplinary nature of the meeting, all speakeres are kindly asked to present their results in a comprehensive way, understandable for the audience. Standard projection facilities (viewgraph and beamer/computer) will be available. Free time for discussions and leisure/excursions will be provided in the afternoon.

Organizing Committee:

Laszlo Jenkovszky (Kiev), Vladimir Khlebnikov (Moscow), Gennady Kozlov (Dubna), Sergey Perepelytsya (Kiev), Elena Rusakovich (Dubna), Denis Savchenko (Kiev), Georgiy Stelmakh (Kiev), Zoya Vakhnenko (Kiev)