Report title

Anchishkin D.V.

Revision of Pion and Quark Annihilation Mechanisms of Dilepton Production in Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions

Anzivino Giuseppina 

Results from the NA48 experiment

Bakmaev Sabir

To be announced

Barbashov B.M.

Solution of Constraints in  Theory of Relativistic String

Barnafoldi Gergely Gabor

Nuclear Modification Factor at Different Rapidities at RHIC Energies

Becattini Francesco

The statistical hadronization model

Begun Victor

Fluctuations in different statistical ensembles.

Bolotov V.N.

Rare decays of mesons 

Borisenko O.A.

Perturbation theory for 3D SU(N) LGT in plaquette formulation

Bravar Alessandro

RHIC Spin: from the proton's spin to new physics

Buividovich Pavel

Parallel transport in stochastic gauge fields

Burdyuzha Vladimir

Cosmology of a vacuum component of the universe

Buschhorn Gerd

A quasi-classical example of confinement

Bytev Vladimir

To be announced

Cechak Tomas

The uranium mining and storage of nuclear waste in Czech republic

Chen Jean-Ping

New Results on Nucleon Spin Structure

Cherniak Victor

Double charmonium production at B-factories

Ciornea Viorel 

To be announced

Davydov L. 

Current state and the Future of Nuclear Energy

di Ciaccio Lucia

ATLAS Physics Performances and Commissioning

Fomin Sergey 

1) Fast Reactor Based on the Self-Sustained Regime of Nuclear Burning Wave (talk w/ Shulga);

2) LPM and Other Electrodynamic Effects in Matter at Ultra High Energy

Funakoshi Ryo

ATHENA: a High Performance detector for Low Energy physics

Gazdzicki Marek

1) Observation of the onset of deconfinement and Search for the critical point

2) Fluctuations in nuclear collisions at the CERN SPS

Genova Pablo

Production and study of antihydrogen in the Athena Experiment

Gorenstein M.I.

1)The critical line of deconfinement phase transitions

2) Particle number fluctuations in Bose and Fermi gases

Gutay Laszlo

Experimental Evidence for Hadron Deconfinement (L-Gas) and Reconfinement (QG-Gas) at the Corresponding Critical Points (FNAL E – 442, 591, 735)

Igi Keiji

Predictions of pp, pbarp total cross section and rho-parameter at LHC and cosmic-ray energies based on duality

Jenkovszky L.L.

Nuclear holography and tomography

Kaidalov Aleksey

Multiple production in nuclear collisions

Kalashev Oleg

GZK Photons as Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays

Karnauhov Ivan 

Neutron beams from accelerator-driven subcritical reactors

Karpenko Iurii

Quasi-inertial flows in relativistic hydrodynamic models of A+A collisions.

Kiyavitskaya Anna I.

Experimental research of transmutation of fission products and minor actinides in a subcritical assembly driven by a neutron generator

Kozhuharov V.

An experimental proposal to measure K+ to pi+ nu nubar at CERN

Kushnir V.A.

To be announced

Kusenko A.

1) Astroparticle physics of ultra-high energy cosmic rays

2) Prospects of the AUGER experiment

Limanets A.

To be announced 

Lukashevich Svetlana

Spin polarizabilities in the invariant Compton scattering  amplitude

Magas V.K.

Two pole structure of the Lambda(1405) resonance

Mishustin Igor

Fluctuations near the deconfinment phase transition boundary

Mogilevskiy O.

To be announced 

Nekludov I.M.

Status and prospects of nuclear energy production in Ukraine

Nikitin Vladimir

Study of nuclei interaction at RHIC collider

Oyama Yuichi

Results from K2K experiment and status of T2K experiment (30mins talk)

Papa Alessandro

Electroproduction of two light vector mesons in next-to-leading order BFKL

Pervushin V.N.

Solution of Constraints in  Theory of Relativistic String

Piatrou Vadzim

Stability of Yang-Mills-Higgs field system in the homogeneous self-dual vacuum field

Pivovarov Grigorii 

Vacuum State in a Field Theory Quantized on Light Front

Polini Alessandro

Recent Results from e-p collisions at HERA

Pugatch Valery

1) Quark Processes at the Nuclear Multi-Target Setup of the HERA-B

2) Experiment & Radiation safety at colliders

Rusov Vitaliy D.

An astrophysical model of the Earth's global climate

Rusakovych N.A.

The JINR contribution to theATLAS project

Salnikov Leonard 

Radiological technologies with electron beams  in Belarus

Scheglov Yu.

D0 research program. Recent results from RUN II.

Shirkov D.V.

1) To be announced

2) Analytic Approach in QCD and Description of
\(R_\tau^V\), \(a_\mu^{{\rm{had}}}\), \(D_{\rm V}(Q^2)\) and \( \Delta\alpha_{\rm had}^{(5)}(M_Z^2)\)

Shulga N.F.

On Coherent Effect in Radiation at Collisions of Short Bunches of Relativistic Charged Particles

Simak Vladislav

Top Quark Physics

Simonenko Alexander

Multifragmentation in collisions for relativistic light nuclei with heavy target

Sinyukov Yu.M.

Interferometry search for new states of matter in A+A collisions

Sitenko Yu.A.

Introduction  to  quantum  field theory at nonzero temperature

Slavnov A.A.

Hierarchy of massive gauge fields

Surovtsev Yury

On nature of scalar and tensor mesons from the analysis of processes

pion-pion --> pion-pion, K Kbar, eta-eta

Tarasov V.A.

Neutrino physics in reactors

Tenchini Roberto 

Electroweak precision measurements: from LEP to LHC

Terazawa Hidezumi

Exotic Matter and Space-Time - New Trends in Cosmo-Particle Physics

Vlasii Nadiia

Thermodynamics of hot and dense ultrarelativistic lowdimensional Fermi gas with a topological defect

Wilk Grzegorz

1) Information theory point of view on multiparticle production processes 

2) New proposal of numerical modelling of Bose-Einstein correlations

Wolf Gyorgy

Vector mesons in dense matter

Zarubin Pavel

Diffractive dissociation of relativistic nuclei in emulsion

Zarubina Irina

Dissociation of relativistic nuclei in images

Zinchuk V.

To be announced