Crimea 2011 Talks

Bakulev A.: Two- and three-loop resummation in (Fractional) Analytic Perturbation Theory;

Bernabei, Rita: Particle Dark Matter in the galactic galo: results and perspectives;

Bolotov V.N.: Search for ultrarare decays of kaons;

Bondarenco, Micola: 3-spin correlations in electron Compton scattering;

Borstniak N.S.M.: The spin-charge-family theory;

Branca, Antonio: Higgs searches at the LHC;

Broggini, Carlo: LUNA, the Sun and other stars;

Calucci, Giorgio: Hard scattering on light nuclei: a possible way to study parton correlations;

Costantini, Silvia: Overview on the CMS experiment results at LHC;

Denyseko, Igor: Results of the BES-III Experiment;

Derue, Frederic: Standard model results + heavy ions at ATLAS;

Flanchik, Alexander: Compton scattering... in millisecond pulsars;

Gavrin, Vladimir: Contribution of Ga experiments for understanding the physics of the Sun and the physics of neutrino;

Gevorkian S.: Final-state interaction of pions in kaon decays;

Gironi, Luca: The CUORE expriment: a search for neutrinoless Double Beta Decay;

Giusti, Paolo: Stellar-collaps neutrinos with LVD;

Gromov Nikolai: Weak neutrinos-matter interactions…;

Grzelak, Katarzyna: Neutrino oscillations in MINOS;

Hamada, Kaname: OPERA latest results;

Hasinoff, Michael: Search for new physics via a measurement of the transverse muon polarization in K_mu3 decay;

Jenkovszky L.L.: On the first TOTEM results on elastic pp scattering: the fate of the dip;

Keri, Tibor: The PANDA detectors at FAIR;

Khabibullin, Marat: Latest oscillation results from T2K;

Khruschov, V.V.: Non-commutative model of quark interactions;

Kistenev, E.: Highlights of sQGP studies with PHENIX experiment at RHIC;

Kostka, Peter: On the LHeC Project;

Krammer, Manfred: Operation and performance of the CMS Silicon Tracker

Lednický, Rischard: NICA;

Lellouch, Jeremie: Top quark pair cross-section measurement using CMS data at a 7 TeV centre-of-mass energy;

Levonian, Sergey: Recent results from the HERA collider experiments;

Marukyan, Hrachya: Overview of recent HERMES results;

Nikitin V.A.: Observation of pion number fluctuations in pp interaction at proton beam energy 50 GeV;

Pozzobon, Nicola: Heavy flavor physics with the CMS experiment;

Ruckstuhl, Nicole: Search for Higgs and BSM physics with ATLAS;

Scapparone, Eugenio: The latest results of ALICE;

Sharyy, V.: Top and Higgs physics at the Tevatron;

Slavnov, A.A.: New formulation of the electro-week interaction models applicable beyond the perturation theory;

Strokovsky, E.: Quests for the Experiment PANDA

Sumisawa, Kazutaka: Studies of CP violation in B meson decays;

Tkachev, Leonid: Cosmic Rays energy spectrum, composition and anisotropy. Status of the space experiment NUCLEON and TUS preparation;

Turkato, Monica: Recent results from HERA;

Uchiyama, Yusuke: Search for mu -> e gamma Decay : MEG latest result;

Uzunyan, Sergey: BSM searches at the Tevatron;

Ventura, Andrea: ATLAS overview;

Vassiliev, Iouri: CBM prospects in heavy quark physics;

Yip, Kin: Elastic scattering at RHIC;

Zarubin, Pavel: "Tomography" of nuclear structure in dissociation of relativistic nuclei;

Zarubina, Irina: Imaging of Nuclear Fragmentation in Nuclear Track Emulsion;

Round table

Gavrin, Vladimir: Contribution of Ga experiments for understanding the physics of the Sun and the physics of neutrino;

Borstniak N.S.M.: The spin-charge-family theory;